The Vision

At Albury preschool all children are valued and respected. They have equitable opportunities to realise their potential within an environment that nurtures children’s learning and development.

Every child is a unique person, with their own interests, learning style, growth timetable, and culture. When given the time, space, and opportunity to interact in a meaningful environment, a child can construct new ideas and link them to existing knowledge.

The children are viewed as capable, independent learners who come to preschool with an abundance of skill, knowledge and understandings. The program is planned around their interests and experiences, building on their skills and recognizing their capabilities. The program is dynamic and ever changing, challenging, fulfilling and interesting.

Our Program

Is valid in itself and is not simply a preparation for the next stage of learning and development.

It focuses on the whole child, acknowledging that social, emotional, physical, intellectual, aesthetic and moral development are interrelated.

It is holistic rather than compartmentalised into separate subject areas.

It values the role of intrinsic motivation in effective learning, therefore activities that are provided are capable of engaging the interest of children and are appropriate to the development of children.

It promotes child initiated and adult facilitated learning.

It emphasises autonomy and the development of self-esteem and self-regulation.

Has a balance of indoor and outdoor activities that can be freely chosen and are easily accessible to the child.

It is play base creative and experiential.

It recognises that the significant adults with whom the child relates are of central importance in planning, implementation and evaluation.

It promotes interaction amongst children, and between children, educators and adults.

It is accessible to all learners by being inclusive of race, gender, cultural background, socio-economic status, religious belief, age, physical or intellectual characteristics.

It actively promotes cultural identity including home language maintenance.

It is flexible and responsive to the changing needs of individual learners, groups and our community.

It promotes values, attitudes and expectations necessary for life-long learning.

It is regularly evaluated.

It incorporates research findings, Government and system requirements and is consistent with the AECA code of ethics.

The learning environment is unhurried and aims to facilitate each child’s learning while resisting the inclination to increase academic pressures. Children are extended and learning is supported but never to the point where they will feel frustrated or that they have failed.

  • The children must feel safe, secure, and accepted and trust completely the adults they interact with during the day.
  • Children will develop and expand the areas of self-worth and social competence. They will gain confidence in their abilities because their learning will be meaningful and successful.
  • Children will be given the opportunity to increase their knowledge through meaningful experiences which are relevant to their interests and development.
  • Children will be supported to reach their full potential.
  • Children will develop responsibility for their immediate and personal environment as well as their community.
  • The content of the curriculum will be relevant, engaging and meaningful to the children and be developed by both the educators, families and the children.
  • Curriculum objectives will respect each child’s individuality, and be realistic and attainable according to each child’s intellectual, emotional and physical abilities.
  • Children will develop and expand their ability to express, represent, and understand thoughts, feelings and experiences of self and others.
  • Children will develop and expand their ability to make decisions and solve problems.

At Albury Preschool we implement the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia:

The Frameworks vision is for all children to experience play-based learning that is engaging and builds success for life.
The five Learning Outcomes are designed to capture the integrated and complex learning and development of all children across the birth to five age range.

The Learning Outcomes are:

  • Children have a strong sense of identity
  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world
  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • Children are confi dent and involved learners
  • Children are effective communicators.