Welcome to Albury Preschool!

Albury Preschool is a 2 unit Preschool, providing Early Childhood Programs in a Preschool environment for up to 150 children aged 3 – 6 who may attend between one or two days/week.

Our Preschool is staffed with the most dedicated, highly qualified professionals who constantly strive to deliver the highest possible levels of education and care in early childhood through the provision of innovative services to children and their families. Albury Preschool is committed to child safety and implementing the Office of the Children’s Guardian Child Safe Standards (click link for more information) and the rights of the child, social justice and humanist values are also an important part of our philosophy. Our Preschool recognises the fundamental importance of diversity and inclusiveness in our society, and is a strong advocate for the provision of accessible and equitable early childhood education available to everyone.

Preschool Days and Times

Times – 8:30am – 4:00pm

Group Days
4 – 5 Years
Koala – Tuesday/Wednesday
Echidna – Tuesday/Wednesday
Kookaburra – Thursday/Friday
Emu – Thursday/Friday

3 – 4 Years
Wombat – Monday
Bilby – Monday

Afternoon Care Program

Albury Preschool offers After Preschool Care on Monday – Friday until 5:30pm

In making decisions about the operation of our preschool and the education and care of the children and partnerships formed with families and communities, the guiding principles of the National Quality Framework will apply.

  • The rights and best interest of the child are paramount
  • Children are successful, competent and capable learners
  • Equity, inclusion and diversity underpin the framework
  • Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures are valued
  • The role of the parents and families is respected and supported
  • Best practise is expected in the provision of education and care services